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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A couple of new (to me) photos

These were included in the Chaplin film locations piece on the Travel Channel a couple of nights ago (Time Traveling with Brian Unger). No credits were given for them so I'm not sure whose collection they are from.

This one is from a 1917 charity baseball game. More photos here.
I believe this is on the set of Caught In A Cabaret (1914).
 Mabel Normand is next to Charlie.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Charlie participates in a baseball game for charity, 1917

From Photoplay, June 1917:
A ball game rivaling in interest only that historic battle which destroyed the mighty Casey took place in Los Angeles' Washington Park on Saturday afternoon, March 31. The screen Tragics were up against the screen Comics. The Comics' lineup was as follows: Charles Chaplin, p.; Eric Campbell, c.; Charles Murray, 1b; Slim Summerville, 2b; Bobby Dunn, ss; Hank Mann, 3b; Lonesome Luke, If; Ben Turpin, rf; Chester Conklin, cf. In the same order of position, the Tragics were: Wallace Reid, William Desmond, George Walsh, 'Gene Pallette, Antonio Moreno, Franklyn Farnum, Jack Pickford, George Beban and Hobart Bosworth. Umpire and referee: Barney Oldfield and James J. Jeffries. The carnage was terrible. In the blood, dust and grand confusion the game broke up after two innings, and the Lord knows who won. The one really dreadful holocaust was the fanning of Wallie Reid — just as at least a thousand chickens had risen in the bleachers to give him the Chautauqua salute. George Walsh, a former pro, slammed the ball clear out of sight for a real home run. Chaplin pushed the sphere into the bleachers, and beat it straight across the diamond to second and back. Barney Oldfield properly called it a foul, whereat Barney was rolled in the dirt by fifty Keystone cops; after which, rising, he admitted that, owing to a superiority of numbers, he was forced to change his decision.
Photos from Moving Picture World & Motion Picture magazines.