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Saturday, October 31, 2015

A fancy dress party given by Marion Davies at the Ambassador Hotel, c. April 1926*

Charlie, dressed as Napoleon, is between Marion and John Gilbert. Irving Thalberg is below Marion. At bottom left is Eleanor Boardman. Seated above her is Charlie’s second wife, Lita, dressed as Josephine. Evidently a highlight of the party was Chaplin, in costume, performing a solo Charleston dance. Read more about the party here and here and here.

Chaplin with Princess Bibesco, who at the time was a houseguest
of Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford, who were also at the party.

*Many sources give the date of the party as 1925 but I believe the date is most likely April 1926 since Marion often hosted a costume party for W.R. Hearst's birthday which was at the end of April (others who were in attendance recall that it was a party for Hearst). Princess Bibesco, in the photo with Charlie above, was a houseguest of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford in the early part of 1926. In fact, she made the news when she had a horse riding accident at Pickfair in January. Lita claims in her first memoir that the party was held "after New Year's" and that her empire-waist dress was made to conceal her first pregnancy (Charlie, Jr. born May 1925). This could be partially correct since the party may have been held after the New Year--but in 1926 not 1925. However the problem with this scenario is that I don't believe Lita is pregnant here either. Her second son, Sydney, was born in March 1926 and she would have been noticeably pregnant during the first part of the year. To me, she doesn't look like a woman in the latter stages of her pregnancy in the photo. This was most likely after his birth when she still would have had some belly bulge, hence the empire waist dress. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hollywood party at Hamanoya restaurant in Little Tokyo, 1929

Besides Charlie (in center with his arm around another man), other familiar faces in the photo include King Vidor, second row, second from right, Irving Thalberg, on Charlie's right, Harry Crocker, same row, second from left, and Georgia Hale, front row, wearing a light-colored sleeveless dress & holding an instrument. In her book, Charlie Chaplin: Intimate Close-ups, she recalled being invited by Chaplin to a party that was arranged by Toraichi Kono (far left) in the Japanese section of Los Angeles. This was her first date with Charlie.
"We went to a most unusual party It had been arranged by Kono, his Japanese valet. He had prepared a most sumptuous feast and show...all the Japanese part of town. Many notables of movieland were invited."
According to Kono himself, as per Charlie Chaplin: King Of Tragedy by Gerith Von Ulm, the party was given by the Japanese businessmen of Los Angeles to show their appreciation for Chaplin's promotion of the Kengeki (Japanese sword plays). Kono recalled that 300 guests assembled to pay their respects. The cafe was lavishly decorated with synthetic cherry blossoms. An elaborate meal was served and they were entertained by dancers recruited from local Japanese theaters.

From Charlie Chaplin: King of Tragedy by Gerith Von Ulm

Monday, January 28, 2013

Premiere of THE CIRCUS Party for Marion Davies, 1928

The above photo is often incorrectly labeled as having been taken at the premiere of either The Circus or City Lights. However it was actually taken at a welcome home party that was given for Marion Davies at the Ambassador Hotel following her return from Europe in October 1928.

Below is a group photo from the same event. Original photograph caption dated October 31,1928 reads: "Photo shows a distinguished group of filmland notables at a welcome party honoring Marion Davies, famous star just returned from a three-month trip abroad. Standing, left to right, Lorraine Eddy, Matt Moore, Aileen Pringle, Louis B. Mayer, Gloria Swanson, Harry d'Arrast, Miss Davies, Louella O. Parsons, Ricardo Cortez, Charlie Chaplin, Norma Shearer, Irving G. Thalberg, Harold Lloyd and Robert Z. Leonard. Seated in foreground are Harry Crocker, left, and William Haines. The French room of the Ambassador was transformed into likeness of a Parisian cafe for the surprise party greeting Miss Davies." (Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Collection)