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Friday, June 27, 2014

Home movie footage, c. 1950s

The folks at the beginning are Jerry Epstein (far left), Kay Kendall and Rex Harrison. Kendall was a former girlfriend of Sydney (the younger) and was Charlie's first choice to play Ann Kay in A King In New York. I think the first blonde is Noelle Adam, son Sydney's wife and the second (the one who hugs Charlie) is Oona's childhood friend, Carol Marcus (later Matthau, wife of Walter) but this is just a guess. There is also a brief shot of Claire Bloom sitting on the lawn at the Manoir.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World premiere of Limelight, October 16th, 1952

The world premiere took place at the Odeon Theater in London in the presence of Queen Elizabeth's sister, Princess Margaret, who later told Claire Bloom, "I laughed and cried and cried and laughed."

Above: Newsreel footage of the premiere. 

Charlie and family at the premiere.
Son Sydney (who plays Neville) towers over all of them.

A page from the program for the London premiere.
( Source: Limelight, Chaplin Project, N.1)

The film opened in the U.S. a week later. However because of the negative feelings about Chaplin in America at the time, it was banned in many theaters. Chaplin eventually withdrew the film from circulation. When it was re-released in 1972, Chaplin & Ray Rasch won the Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Letter from the American Legion to United Artists requesting suspension of the film's distribution.
( Source: Limelight, Chaplin Project, N.1)

In July 1953, Charlie & Oona received a touching letter from brother, Sydney, who had just attended a private screening of the film with his wife, Gypsy, in California:
"We think it is a 'masterpiece' and the greatest Charlie has ever made. There are no superlatives I could use to do justice to it. It was so well acted, so beautifully balanced between laughter and pathos. Gypsy and I cried like kids, so much so, that we waited for everyone to leave the room before we left our seats. You did an excellent piece of acting Charlie and so did Claire Bloom....
It's a good thing you have not my brooding nature. If I had had to endure the persecution you have received in this country, someone would have been murdered. I think it is a damnable crime that such a picture as 'Limelight' should be banned in America....I get a great satisfaction when I hear people praise your work. It makes me very proud of you and I console myself with the thought that I am Charlie Chaplin's brother, which is my usual form of introduction and which does not arouse in me the slightest thought of jealousy. I glory in your success and bask in your 'Limelight'" (Syd Chaplin: A Biography, Lisa K. Stein, McFarland, 2010)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Claire Bloom

Below, Claire talks about working with Charlie at a 60th anniversary screening of Limelight in Oct. 2012 (Norman Lloyd was also present at this event. A link should come up for his talk about halfway through Claire's. If not, click here to watch. It is not to be missed.)