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Friday, January 2, 2015

Tennis match, February 1939

L-R: Betty Chaplin (later Tetrick), CC, Paulette, Syd Chaplin, tennis star Don Budge.
Betty Chaplin was Charlie's second cousin (the daughter of his cousin Aubrey). She later married Chaplin's wardrobe man, Ted Tetrick. Sydney had just arrived in Hollywood from France a few months earlier, his first visit in ten years. He spent the rest of 1939 and 1940 working behind the scenes with Charlie on The Great Dictator.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Color home movie footage from The Great Dictator

This behind-the-scenes footage was taken by Charlie's half-brother, Sydney, during production of The Great Dictator. This is my edit of the original 26-minute footage which can be found on both the MK2 & Criterion DVD sets of the film.

Music: "The Great Dictator", from Charlie Chaplin: Essential Film Music, Carl Davis, conductor, & "Falling Star" from Oh! That Cello by Thomas Beckmann

Don't miss:

Opening shot & .21: Charlie (in costume) behind the camera
2:30: Charlie loses his temper.
2:49: Assistant director, Wheeler Dryden, Charlie's half-brother (Dryden is also the voice of the translator, Heinrich Schtick, during Hynkel's speech)
3:02: Betty Chaplin (later Betty Chaplin Tetrick, Charlie's cousin), at left wearing a white blouse, and Syd's wife, Gypsy. They are seen again at the 5:33 mark.
4:17: Henry Bergman (Bergman is not in the film but has an uncredited role as assistant).
4:28: Charlie waves to his brother.
4:45: Syd's panning shot taken from the roof of the Chaplin Studio garage, note the Hollywood sign in the distance, the set from City Lights where Charlie assessed the nude statue (5:00), & the Chaplin studio gate (5:31).