Mann Act Trial--As It Happened

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February 14th, 1944: Chaplin was booked and fingerprinted for violation of the Mann Act (transporting a woman across state lines for immoral purposes) and conspiracy to deprive Joan Barry, his former protegé, of her civil rights.

February 26th, 1944: Chaplin pleads not guilty to Mann Act charges. Trial is set for March 21st.

March 21st, 1944: Trial begins. "Chaplin arrived at the courthouse at 9:15am wearing a "navy blue double-breasted suit, gleaming black shoes, a plain blue polka-dot tie with knot askew, and a gray Homburg hat."

March 23rd-24th: Joan Barry testifies.
"Joan was 'highly nervous' and spoke in a soft voice--so soft, the judge had to tell her to speak up. Although Chaplin 'glared' at her, sometimes through horn-rimmed glasses, she never once looked in his direction."

March 30th-31st: Chaplin testifies.
"Giesler asked his address. Charlie fumbled. "Summit Rd," he admitted. But what about the number? He ruffled his white hair and looked puzzled. "If I told you it was 1085?" prompted Giesler. "Of course," Charlie said, relieved, "1085 Summit Drive."

April 4th, 1944: Chaplin is acquitted.
"I'd almost like to kiss him, " said one woman juror.

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