Friday, May 19, 2017

How many can you name?

This contest appeared in the De Kalb (Illinois) Chronicle on Feb. 7th, 1916.  The first twenty-five readers who could identify all (or almost all) of the faces (besides Charlie's) received two free tickets to the movie theaters advertised on the page. Sadly the winners, nor the identities of faces, were ever announced.

I wouldn't have come close to winning.

Click on the photo to enlarge or click on this link for a version you can zoom in on.


  1. Replies
    1. I know! And some of them are in profile and very to see. I'd like to know if anyone was able to identify them all.

  2. I think the first guy below Charlie is Broncho Billy Anderson and the forth girl from top looks a bit like Mabel Normand, but I'm not sure. A couple of girls with curls look like they could be Mary Pickford, but the pictures are too bad to tell (did they do it on purpose?). And that's all on my part, lol.
    Perhaps for people in 1916 it was easier to recognize those faces.

  3. At first glimpse, I can identify Broncho Billy Anderson on top of the left column. 3rd in the same column is Macklyn Arbuckle. The face 2 places below might be Carl Stockdale's.
    In the right column, 2nd from bottom is Henry B. Walthall. 4th from bottom in the same column looks like Billy Reeves.
    Some others faces are familiar and will be identified after some researches.
    I'm surprised not to see Fatty, Mary Pickford, Mabel Normand, and some others stars of the time.

    1. Thanks, D. I agree. Surprising not to see more famous faces from the time. Like Alice mentioned above, I also thought the woman 4 down on the left might be Mabel but it's hard to tell. Broncho Billy was the only one I could positively ID.