Sunday, May 7, 2017

Discovering Chaplin is on Patreon

You may have noticed the Patreon banner on the blog recently (the big orange one on the right that says "Become a Patron"). So what exactly is "Patreon" and how does it work?

Patreon is a site that allows fans to support creators through small monthly payments, you can sign up for as little as one dollar a month --or more! This will help me keep the blog up and running and provide quality content that you won't find anywhere else. You may not realize it but there are costs involved with running this site. Research is one of them. In order to keep my content fresh, but obscure, I need access to sources that are often not cheap.

What does this mean for readers who can't afford to donate money?

Not one thing. My blog will still be free and available to everyone. There will be not be "special" content for paying supporters. Believe me, I understand that times are tough and not everyone can afford to support a Chaplin blog.

Panhandling, Jess? Really?

Trust me. I don't like it either.

Ok, you've convinced me. How do I sign up?

Click here for my Patreon page. If you have questions check out their "FAQ" section. Everything on Patreon is private. I never see any of your personal or financial information. Whether or not you donate money, I am truly grateful for your continued support. And heartfelt thanks to the folks who have already signed up.

Much love,

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