Wednesday, April 12, 2017

W.R. Hearst, Marion Davies, and Chaplin at the Motion Picture Electrical Parade and Sports Pageant, Sept. 1932

The woman on Chaplin's left is Blanche Hearst, the former wife of Hearst's son, George.

The parade, held at the Olympic Stadium in Los Angeles, and arranged by Jack Warner, was a charity event for the Motion Picture Relief Fund and the Marion Davies Foundation (for childhood diseases). It was also a non-official campaign event for then-Democratic presidential candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was the guest of honor.


  1. A few people look a bit uncomfortable. And, gee, I wonder why that this is. I wondered what the Olympic Stadium was, and then it hit me. Being from L.A., I should have known. It's the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. However, we've never, ever called it that. Been there many times. Saw the Rolling Stones there 4-5 times. Tom K

  2. One can also see Harry Crocker seated behind Hearst.

  3. FDR’s opponent Herbert Hoover was convinced that once voters learned of Hearst and his mistress’ involvement in this event that his candidacy would get a boost. Boy was he wrong. For details on this event see my book Hearst Over Hollywood (Columbia U Press). Thanks Louis Pizzitola.