Monday, October 17, 2016

With Katsuji Fukuhara at the Chaplin Studios, c. 1925

Fukuhara was a Japanese immigrant and friend of Chaplin's secretary Toraichi Kono, who hailed from the same area of Hiroshima.



  1. What year is this? 1925? If it's 1925 he's already going grey. Robinson and others always like to point out he went grey during the whole fiasco while making The Circus, which was around 1927.

    Tom K

    1. 1925 is a guess but I do believe it's around that time. He was wearing those solid white shoes then.

      The idea that his hair went "white overnight" during "The Circus" is a myth. He began going gray in the late 1910s. In fact, Lita Grey remembered that Chaplin was already dying his sideburns when they filmed "The Kid," and I believe he was dying his hair all over by (at least) "The Pilgrim." Some good examples of his premature graying are these photos by Witzel taken c.1923 (used in publicity for "A Woman Of Paris"):

      And these photos with fellow music hall comedian Wee Georgie Wood in 1924: