Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day By Day: 1936

Circa early October 1936: Publicity photos of Charlie and Paulette by Max Munn Autrey.

Autrey was the stills photographer for both Modern Times & The Great Dictator. This set gives us some nice views of the grounds of Chaplin's Beverly Hills estate.

Lesser known images from this shoot show Charlie buying tickets to a British Charity Ball
 from a young lady named Maureen Laing: 1

Another photo with Laing appeared in the Los Angeles Times on October 11th, 1936:

Plus photos of Charlie and Paulette talking to Laing's father, 
Capt. Alfred Benson Laing, a Canadian WWI veteran: 2

See more photos here.

1Laing later became a journalist under the name Maureen Dragone and one of the longest-standing members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
2Many thanks to Kate Guyonvarch of Association Chaplin for identifying Mr. Laing.

DAY BY DAY:1936: An account of one year of Chaplin's life.

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