Monday, September 19, 2016

Chaplin and others at the premiere of THE GOLD RUSH, June 1925

This photo is currently up for sale on eBay.* It appears to be from the Hollywood premiere of The Gold Rush.

Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford are at far left with Gloria Swanson. I'm not sure who the women are on either side of Charlie. That might be Norma Talmadge at far right. Someone more knowledgable may be able to identify them. I think there is something a little fake-looking about this photo. The background looks airbrushed out. Or it could be a composite of individual photos from the premiere.

*The eBay seller lists Paulette Goddard as being in the photo. Of course, she is not. And the photo they include of the back is for a different picture.


  1. This is a composite photo - and badly done at that. Alas, No photoshop in 1925! I think the one on Charlie's left looks like Marion Davies.

    1. I immediately thought composite photo, too. It was just too weird looking! However I do believe the individual photos of Charlie, Mary, Doug, and Gloria were all taken at the premiere of TGR, based on other photos and a couple of articles I have that describe what people wore to the event. I'm not sure of the other two.

      Yes, that could be Marion next to Charlie. Claire Windsor also crossed my mind. I'm terrible at ID'ing people other than Charlie.

    2. The woman on the right could be Elinor Glyn. Was she at the premiere?


    3. She isn't mentioned anywhere although she still could have been there. I think the woman on the right looks a little young to be Glyn.

    4. I think DF & MP are the only two people originally in this photo and the others were superimposed...going by the feet and the floor.