Saturday, September 10, 2016

DAY BY DAY: 1936

Thursday, September 10th: Charlie and Paulette attend the premiere of the play "Everyman" at the Hollywood Bowl.

Other guests in the Chaplin Box were (counter-clockwise from bottom right): Anita Loos, her niece Mary Anita Loos, Robert Cobb, owner of the Brown Derby (and creator of the "Cobb Salad") and John Emerson, husband of Anita.


  1. I have always wondered what was up with Anita's eyes and the brown coloring around them - even in professional portraits they show up. It's not makeup, it always looks like she is ill. Of course, no matter the angle, Paulette looks great. And Charlie had that coat for YEARS; I've seen it in photos of him from the 50's!

    1. He is wearing it in photos from the '20s as well! I agree about Anita. She always had those dark circles under her eyes.

  2. I always wondered why Charlie and Paulette never sat side by side in these photos of them in box seats. That would make more sense