Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day By Day: 1936

Thursday, August 27th: Film Daily reports that the Chaplin Studios are being wired for sound. 

Friday, August 28th: Chaplin announces that he has purchased the films rights to the D.L. Murray novel, Regency.

It seems that Chaplin was already beginning to lose interest in "Production No. 6" (probably the Stowaway story). He would be consumed with the Regency project well into 1937.

Also noteworthy in the following article is that the Chaplin Studios were being used as "headquarters" for the upcoming Hollywood Bowl production of Everyman. The cast rehearsed on the studio stage and the sets were built on the lot.

Los Angeles Times, August 28th, 1936

Saturday, August 29th - Sunday, August, 30th: Charlie and Paulette spend the weekend at Catalina.

Catalina Islander, September 3rd, 1936

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  1. SIR Charles? A little premature but a good omen!