Friday, July 8, 2016

Chaplin films on TCM today

If you live in America and need a diversion from all the horrible news of the day, TCM will be showing three Chaplin films back to back, starting with Modern Times at noon (EST), City Lights at 1:30p, and Limelight at 3:00p.


  1. I was a 911 Dispatcher for 25 years. Horrible, tragic events yesterday. My first thought, after watching what I could of the news, was to watch a Charlie Chaplin "flicka". I do believe I will.

  2. I don't know if it was my TV, but the prints they showed were crystal clear, especially MT.
    BTW, for those that don't know... (Still glorious to watch. I wish I could skate like that at my age).

    Tom K

    1. Chaplin uses this technique in "The Gold Rush" as well.

      I believe TCM shows the most recent restorations by Janus Films/Criterion.