Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day By Day: 1936

A letter from Sydney

In this letter to Charlie, dated June 4th, 1936, Sydney gives a critical analysis of his younger brother's latest film, Modern Times, and suggests ideas for future projects, including a proposal to transform the Tramp into an animated character.

1Wheeler Dryden, Charlie and Sydney's half-brother, was in Java making a film with James A Fitzpatrick (better known as the narrater for Traveltalks)
2This was possibly a reaction to Chaplin's portrayal in Disney's Mickey's Polo Team.
3Minnie Chaplin died of breast cancer in September 1936.

Day By Day: 1936: A document of one year of Chaplin's life


  1. Geez Syd, tell us how you really feel! No paragraphs...?

  2. At least Charlie didn't throw it into the ash can!
    Yeah, no paragraphs. I found it hard to follow at times. And like Charlie, he also struggled with spelling. But as he says at the end: "Chaucer had the same fault and got by with it."

  3. bitter grapes there! I became fascinated with Charlie Chaplin after seeing the movie "Chaplin". All of the books I've read so far certainly bore out a very different person indeed. But he fascinates me. This website is night I spent reading for 3 hours! Keep it coming, I love it.

    1. Three hours? Oh goodness. Well, thank you!

      Most of the "Chaplin" movie was fiction. The real story is much more interesting.