Monday, May 23, 2016

Chaplin entertains tennis players, Sept. 1929

Chaplin & his guests on his Summit Drive tennis court, which had just been built earlier that year.
L-R: Edith Cross, Phoebe Watson, Betty Nuthall, CC, ?, ? Dorothy Shepherd-Barron, Ambassador Moore.

Read about it here:
Los Angeles Times, Oct. 1, 1929

The doubles team mentioned at the end of the article:
 L-R: "Mr. Brennon," Dorothy Shepherd-Barron, Betty Nuthall, & Chaplin
With Nuthall and Ambassador Moore

More photos here.


  1. His hair is dyed - for City Lights? Was he already filming in '29?

    1. Yes, he would have already been filming it. This was the same week as Churchill's visit to the Chaplin Studios, and the footage that was shot with him on the "City Lights" set.