Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day By Day: 1936

Sunday, March 22nd: Charlie, Paulette, and Alta are the guests of the Sultan of Johore. 

I could find no details about this visit. It was mentioned only in passing in a Singapore newspaper. There are a number of photos in the Chaplin Archive that are labeled "Johore"* and in some of them Paulette and her mother are wearing different outfits, so they could have had more than one visit with Sultan Ibrahim, including during their return to Singapore in April.

The Sultan is second from left next to Paulette. Behind Charlie is Julius Fisher with his left arm around Alta.
Second from right is Prince Purachatra of Siam who was also a guest.
Charlie, Paulette, and Julius Fisher posing with Sultan Ibrahim and his nephews.
With Prince Purachatra and Julius Fisher.

This was the gang's last day in Singapore. Tomorrow they they head to Java.

Stay tuned for more in Day By Day: 1936 

*Johore (or Johor) is a state in southern Malaysia linked to Singapore by causeway.


  1. Cute photos of Paulette. I don't think she ever held a baby of her own. Burgess Meredith said she miscarried theirs?

  2. Interesting and fascinating. When white suits were in. I wore a white tux at my prom, but that was awful. Thanks for this. Looking forward to the next installment. TK