Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Charlie and Syd, 1917

"He wishes nearly every other day you were here. Unless he pulls up within next couple of days am afraid he will miss release on this picture [The Count]. Think it very important for his future success for you to drop everything in New York and come here immediately spending at least three or four weeks.  Charlie hasn't been sick but whenever he gets into difficult situation, which doesn't work out satisfactorily, he always wishes Syd were here. Don't let Charlie know I wired this as it might make him feel badly, but it is my honest opinion he needs you and that you should take next train for coast." --Telegram from Charlie's butler, Tom Harrington, to Syd Chaplin, August 2nd, 1916 (Syd Chaplin: A Biography, Lisa Stein Haven, McFarland 2011)
Happy birthday, Syd


  1. I thank you and Syd thanks you. I wonder what he would have thought about the biography overall. Obviously, I will just have to keep wondering. Alas. He's honored very little in the new museum, too, I understand.

    1. What a shame. Syd is always unfairly overlooked.

      I'm sure he never thought anyone would ever write a book about him. I think he would be thrilled that someone took such an interest in his work.

  2. Happy Birthday Syd! You were a jolly good fellow!

  3. This is so touching!