Monday, February 15, 2016

Official Opening Date of the Chaplin Museum: April 17th, 2016

One day after his birthday.

This article features an interview with the director of the museum. It's in French (I was able to read with Google Translate) & includes some nice videos of the museum set to Charlie's music.


  1. I find these videos to be visually confusing and don't really give a good idea what the place will be like. Do you agree?


    1. I agree. You don't get much of an idea of the inside at all. The museum has a website and there's a little about the layout on there, albeit with little or no photos. Perhaps there will be more once it opens.

  2. This is great! Look how long Priscilla Presley kept alive the honoring of Elvis with Graceland and all. Maybe there will be a virtual tour uploaded some day....I luvs those...