Monday, January 11, 2016


Bowie posing with a bio of Buster Keaton, c.1975

I only mention the passing of David Bowie here because, well, I was a fan, but also because he had a Chaplin connection. Son Eugene worked as a sound engineer on two of Bowie's albums: Heroes (1977) and Lodger (1979), and then there was his relationship with Charlie's widow, Oona, who was 22 years older. Bowie and Lady Chaplin were introduced at the Manoir around 1980 when Eugene brought the musician and some of his friends over to visit. They hit it off and became very close, very fast, although Oona told a newspaper at the time that their relationship was platonic: "I'm crazy about David. But it's a purely platonic thing. This very charming, very intelligent, very sensitive fellow, who came from the same part of London as Charlie, walked in and wanted to talk. It was as simple as that. I really am very fond of him." (Sunday People, May 11, 1981)


  1. I'm a Bowie fan. And I remember reading that tidbit in Oona's bio. I really couldn't envision her with any of the eccentrics who kept her company after Charlie passed.

  2. Meant to respond earlier... I love this photo! I have never seen it and it is so interesting how much he looks like Keaton here.
    Bowie had great features and I was a big fan of his creativity.