Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day By Day: 1936

Some news tidbits from 80 years ago this week:

Santa Ana Register, January 21, 1936.
The 1928 broadcast would have been the Dodge Bros. Radio Hour.
I wonder if any of those records are still around?

Variety, Jan. 22nd, 1936
The Rivoli opening was postponed until Feb. 5th., the London opening, Feb. 11th.
A sneak preview was also held in Glendale.

Oakland Tribune, Jan. 23rd, 1936

Detroit Free Press, January 23, 1936.
This one was new to me. Not sure how true it is.

This one is slightly out of order but I wanted save it for last. It's an interesting little interview with Douglas Fairbanks and Chaplin.

Delaware Co. Daily Times, Jan. 22, 1936
Fairbanks' film about Marco Polo was never made.
He eventually sold the rights to Sam Goldwyn who made a version of it in 1938 with Gary Cooper in the lead.

Coming up tomorrow: Charlie and Paulette attend a ballet opening.

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