Thursday, January 7, 2016

Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, and Spanish actress Conchita Montes

Photo by Edgar Neville by the pool at Chaplin's home, c. mid-late 1930s
Charlie is on the left in shorts.

via Edgar Neville Romrée


  1. One never reads many Goddard anecdotes about hurt feelings due to CC's temperament. I suppose she saw how hurt he was by the betrayals of his former mis-matches to the media. She was loyal in 'this' respect.

  2. I'm gonna say this photo is 1936 after they came back from their cruise holiday or 1937 but judging by paulettes hair I woudn't say any later than that, but I may be wrong

    1. I did some research on this and couldn't find an exact date. Conchita was the girlfriend of Edgar Neville and neither of them were in America in the latter part of 1936 (and half of 1937), and Charlie and Paulette were traveling for most of the first half. So I don't think the date is 1936 unless this gathering took place before CC and Paulette left on their trip in Feb. It's possible it was taken in late 1935. Paulette's hair was a little longer by then & Charlie's was back to being gray.