Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summit Drive, c.mid-1920s

Photos from Architectural Digest, April 1990.

Chaplin's living room. His beloved pipe organ is at far left behind the couch.
The main hallway, which evidently ran the length of the house, is covered with black and white checkered carpet.
The wrought iron gates open into a tea room with arched windows that look out onto the back lawn (see the windows from the outside here).

Aerial view of the back of the house before the tennis court was built in 1929.
 Chaplin's pool is near the bottom of the photo at the end of a long walkway.
See more photos of the house herehere, and here.


  1. I love these - I try to picture Chaplin and Goddard lounging around in these environments.

  2. For a fellow who's life had been mostly transient surroundings, he sure knew how to make a real 'home' for himself. I'm impressed with the place.

  3. His home was absolutely beautiful, often wondered what has become of this place recently