Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Candid photos from the filming of HIS NEW PROFESSION (1914)

Photos courtesy of Lisa Stein Haven.

These candid shots show Chaplin & his cast and crew filming at Westlake Park in Los Angeles, perhaps in front of an audience (?) Please feel free to comment with any other identifications or let me know if I have made a mistake in an I.D.

(Chaplin = "Luny")

Charley Chase is in the center in the bowtie. At far left is Cecile Arnold.
Jess Dandy can be seen in the wheelchair (with his foot in a cast) near the center. Chaplin is facing sideways at center right.
I'm not sure who the man is talking to Chaplin, however the man behind him (with the beard and dark hat) plays the other wheelchair-bound invalid in the film. Cecile Arnold has her back to the camera.


  1. The guy in the beard is Glen Cavender, who was in a bunch of Keystones with and without CC. He also played the main Union officer in The General, the one who watches the bridge collapse.


  2. These photos are amazing! Thanks Lisa for sharing them !
    Jess, do you know the meaning of luny ????

    1. I have no idea. I assume it means "looney" as in crazy.

  3. Jess, I think Charley Chase is the guy in the boater with his back to us, talking to Cecile? Thoughts? Great IDs. Thank you.

    1. The guy next to Cecile is the same one who's walking with her in the film when she drops the eggs. He has the those weird lines on his boater. Chase is wearing a bowtie in the film. The guy with Cecile, although we can't see it here, is wearing a regular necktie.