Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chaplin with French screenwriters Marcel Achard and Bernard Zimmer, 1934

Pour Vous, 1934

This is when Chaplin was thinking seriously about doing a Napoleon film. In the caption of the top left photo, he is telling Zimmer (according to my very loose translation): "Yes, I would make a film about Napoleon."

Marcel Achard claims to have assisted Chaplin with the gag in Modern Times where the feeding machine throws soup at Charlie. (Hollywood & the Foreign Touch by Harry Waldman).  He may have also assisted in the dubbing of Chaplin's later talkies, inc. Monsieur Verdoux, into French.


  1. Your translation sounds perfect ! I have to read the rest of the article for once it's in french, I can understand every words without a translator ;) ! Great job about the liberty bonds by the way !

    1. I admire people who can understand two languages. I don't know what I would do with Google Translate!
      Thanks for your comment about the Liberty Bonds posts. I've enjoyed taking a closer look at the short period of his life.

  2. I would like to speak better english ! The liberty bonds posts are really interesting. He seems so shy despite his incredible life. Stage frights seems to continue all his life :)