Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A couple of new (to me) photos

These were included in the Chaplin film locations piece on the Travel Channel a couple of nights ago (Time Traveling with Brian Unger). No credits were given for them so I'm not sure whose collection they are from.

This one is from a 1917 charity baseball game. More photos here.
I believe this is on the set of Caught In A Cabaret (1914).
 Mabel Normand is next to Charlie.


  1. Good eye, Jess. I noticed these photos as well. I searched and searched the credits at the end of the show, but was unable to find out whose these might be. One slide there was in very small print, so I guess it was on that slide. Overall, I was disappointed in the show, especially since they didn't even go inside the Chaplin Studios.

    1. The episode is now on youtube and that one screen with the small credits is easier to read. It was mostly stock photo sites, a few of which I have scoured myself and don't remember seeing these photos.

      I agree about the show. Perhaps it was more interesting to non-fans.

  2. Mabel looks gorgeous from what I can see