Saturday, January 10, 2015

Photos of Chaplin with his 162-lb marlin swordfish at Catalina Island, October 6th, 1918

Chaplin landed the fish in 22 minutes.
On the right is Capt. J. Edmundson, one of the Catalina Island boatmen.
Chaplin's future wife Mildred Harris (they were married 17 days later)
poses with Charlie and his catch (and the capt.)
Photo: My Life In Pictures by Chaplin

Below are a couple of other photos that appear to have been taken the same day.

Chaplin, left, is pointing to the fish and to himself. Roscoe "Fatty"Arbuckle is on the right.
I'm not sure who the man in the middle is (Cecil Reynolds?)
Photo: Roy Export SAS
With  Arbuckle.
Photo: Chaplin: Genius Of The Cinema by Jeffrey Vance


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