Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On the tennis court at Summit Drive, c. 1952

Photos by Florence Homolka


  1. This is the first photo I have seen where I can see young Charlie transitioning into old Charlie. The photos of him when he is older - I can't see the young Charlie in him at all, no matter how much I squint. But with this photo I can see both sides of him. It just seems to me there was no middle age with him - just young CC and old CC. Especially when you see so many other actors that totally still had/have traits of their younger selves even when over 70: Helen Hayes, Clint Eastwood, Walter Matthau, etc. Sorry - rambling!!

    1. I don't know. He still has the curls and the smile. He just has a few more wrinkles. He's probably not as thin as he once was either. I've always thought Charlie aged well.

  2. He was happy there. I wonder if Oona played tennis.