Monday, December 1, 2014

Chaplin with Douglas Fairbanks and others, c.1918

At far left is Mary Pickford. The man in the tux might be Allan Dwan. I'm not sure of the identity of the man between CC and Doug. Any ideas?


  1. Seems to be wearing box gloves, and Charlie a towel. Might be a boxer?

  2. Maybe boxer kid Mccoy?? this is a photo of 1924:

    1. Hi Diana,
      Yes, I thought of Kid McCoy as well. I found some info that he and Douglas Fairbanks staged a boxing match for a war benefit around this time. I hoped to find another photo from the event but no luck. Doug is the only other person wearing gloves in the photo so that has piqued my curiosity. One article mentioned Chaplin being there as well. My only concern is that this man seems to have more hair than the real Kid McCoy.

  3. I haven't seen any other picture of Mccoy in 1918, so I cannot tell about his hair. But the hair loss in the picture of 1924, is coherent with his 1918 hair, you can see a bald in its inicial stages XD .Also, the man in your photo looks like Kid! The fact that it was at an event gives sense to Dawns tuxedo (Because, is a tuxedo, doesn't it?)

  4. Yes, it's a tuxedo.

    I'm convinced the man is Kid McCoy. In another version of the photo I posted, you can see the ceiling (plus other people in the background):
    My pal Dominique found another photo of the benefit I mentioned above in "Motography" magazine. The ceilings match. So this must be the same event: