Sunday, November 2, 2014

Twelve-year-old Lita Grey (then Lillita MacMurray) photographed as The Age Of Innocence, 1920

"After the [screen] test [for The Kid] was completed. Rollie [Totheroh] had some still photographs taken, as well as a special photograph Charlie had requested. Following Charlie's instructions, I was posed like the girl in Sir Joshua Reynolds' famous portrait The Age Of Innocence, for I had reminded him of the little girl in the oil painting. He thought it would make a memorable photograph." --Lita Grey Chaplin, Wife Of The Life Of The Party, 1998

From Wife Of The Life Of The Party
 by Lita Grey Chaplin & Jeffrey Vance
The Age Of Innocence by Sir Joshua Reynolds (1788)


  1. I can't believe that is a 12 year old! She looks so much older. Maybe it's the hairstyles of the time, but dang - she looks at least 20-22 years old to me in that pose! I remember seeing "Dimples" I think is the movie, when Shirley Temple strikes that pose as she is singing "endearing young charms" to the old man in the film. The seen has her emulating many old classic paintings.

    1. According to Lita, her hair and makeup were done to make her appear several years older.