Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random Snippet

New York Times, April 25th, 1929

According to a Dec. 1929 Screenland article by Rob Wagner, before Charlie began having his hair professionally dyed, he applied a "daily smearing of mascara" to cover up his gray but it became "too messy & irksome." I can well imagine.


  1. mascara??? I can imagine the mess in the LA heat, and under movie lights as well. I always thought he dyed his own hair at home. With dye.

    1. His hair dye in the Circus, especially in some of the tightrope scenes, looks as if he did it himself because in only the front part is dyed black--very black. I can't imagine he did that with mascara (it looks more like shoe polish!) By 1929, he was also dying more than his temples.