Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Charlie & May Reeves, French Riviera, Summer 1931

I'm not sure of the identity of the fellow on the left (he looks a little like Frank J. Gould, Chaplin's host during the first part of his stay on the Riviera) nor the woman on the right, but the man is holding a siamese cat. Charlie and May had two pet siamese cats during their time in France (see picture here, scroll to the bottom). I wonder if this is one of them?


  1. I just have to comment - I love him in spectator shoes!

  2. I think Jay Gould was lankier. And that is not his wife or the lady related to Hetty.
    I enjoyed those links to the photos on the Riviera. May was very fit and pretty. Such a strange face when she smiles she beams. Very Parisian! I know, cause I like to look at the old advertisements from back then. Her drooping lower lip was tres chic. It saddens me that CC said their alchemy had become diluted. C'est la vie.