Monday, June 30, 2014

Random Snippet

That Paulette's a lead foot!

Los Angeles Times, December 3, 1932


  1. Ha ha!! Wait…$20 in 1932 dollars seems like a lot of dough! My grandparents told me of renting apartments in SF during that timeframe and rent was $50 a month! NOT NOW, of course….we are suffering again from over inflation. But $20 in 1932? Why do I get the feeling her probably made sure she paid it, too!

    1. I checked one of those inflation calculators and it said that $20 in 1932 is the same as $347 today! That's quite a lot for a speeding ticket although she was going twenty miles over the limit.
      Your grandmother's apartment doesn't seem so cheap now either. $50 was probably like $1000 in today's money.

  2. well, right now the median price for a 1 bedroom apt in SF is just at 5k a month. Thankfully I live in the burbs!

  3. I kind of love that she was driving his car and he was in the passenger seat. They sure had a different kind of relationship than he had with his other wives/longtime loves.