Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hollywood party, c. early 1930s

L-R: Mary, Doug, CC, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Another photo from the party, below, appeared in Chaplin's 1975 book My Life In Pictures.
L-R: Gary Cooper, Sally Eilers, CC,  Elsa Maxwell, Countess Dorothy di Frasso, Mrs. Richard Barthelmess, & Douglas, Jr. Chaplin's book gives the date as "late 1920s" but Gary Cooper and di Frasso were an item and they didn't meet until 1931. Therefore I would date this around late 1932 or 1933.


  1. I've noted April 1933 in my files for these pictures. Now... I have to find where I've found such a date. Dominique.

    1. This LIFE magazine article also gives it a 1933 date:
      click here

      Here's another picture from the same party:
      click here