Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy birthday, Eric Campbell (April 26, 1879 - December 20, 1917)

Some candid photos of Eric, c. 1917

Photos © Roy Export SAS


  1. So sad that he died so tragically.

  2. Charlie's career would probably have been very different if Eric had lived. He would have been just as successful I am sure, but his films just would have been a lot different with Eric around, he probably would have made more films like the Mutuals, with Eric as the comic heavy, and plots centering on this. I think Charlie would have kept Eric around, on payroll, and there would have been much less pathos-oriented plots, and more emphasis on physical, rowdy comedy with some pathos thrown in. Just my opinion, but we'll never know! I wonder how The Gold Rush would have been different with Eric as Big Jim instead of Mack Swain!