Thursday, February 6, 2014

Edna Purviance in deleted scenes from THE KID

Edna and Carl Miller
Chaplin deleted 6-7 minutes of the film for the 1971 reissue. The scenes mostly involve the kid's parents played by Edna and Carl Miller. The deleted sequences can be seen on the extras disc of the Warner/MK2 dvd set of The Kid or you can watch the original, uncut version of the film (with the deleted scenes added back in) on the Image Entertainment set of The Kid/A Dog's Life (both of these sets are out-of-print, but can be found on ebay or Amazon.)

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  1. She's very pretty in the middle photo without the white kabuki face makeup. I always wondered what she would look like if no light powder for the camera was on her.
    I think the film would've made more sense to me with these scenes left in it. I didn't even know that was Edna who was the mom. And the rise of her character to a star of the stage might have been given more of a build-up. I guess Charlie figured audiences were only interested in the tramp. But I love the struggle....and the pathos all around.