Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out on the town with his ex, Paulette, 1942


  1. There's that dress! She had it in black and white. It's always nice to see ex spouses getting along. He must have been so relieved when nothing sensational came about when she left. Although, I get the feeling he knew she wouldn't do that to him. Just my opinion.

    1. I love that dress, and Paulette really works it. I agree, I think Charlie knew that Paulette wouldn't trash him after their split. She had too much class. I love the fact that they remained on friendly terms and always spoke highly of one another. When Paulette talks about her time with Charlie later in life, she does it with affection.

  2. There's a weird sadness to this photo. I can't describe it but all I feel is a love but a unique sadness to this photo.

  3. I even love her hair in this shot, and I am not into bangs. But then, she always looks great.