Sunday, January 12, 2014

Chicago, January 12th, 1927

Charlie was en route to New York to meet with his lawyer about his former press agent Jim Tully's Pictorial Review articles which he had tried (unsuccessfully) to keep from getting published. The day after he left California by train, Lita Grey filed her famous, 42-page divorce complaint. At a stop in Chicago, Chaplin was met by a throng of reporters at the train station.  When asked about the case, Chaplin said: "It's terrible, too terrible for words." He went on to say that Lita had "defiled" his reputation and that he planned to contest the divorce and file a cross bill. One reporter asked him about his children. "I have two wonderful children," he said. "They are very different temperaments, one being very musical, the other more serious." "Which is your favorite?" he was asked. "Well, the baby is the baby," he replied, "and all babies are marvelous."* 

*Chicago Tribune, January 14, 1927


  1. This photo has a very haunted quality to it.

  2. I feel so bad for him having had that experience. I think it changed his personality. His innocence was lost as a result of going after someone else's innocence.

  3. That's the way the weather was like when I was in Chicago a month ago. Windy and snowing sideways.

    1. I noticed that besides Charlie's divorce scandal, the snow was the other big news in Chicago that day.