Saturday, January 25, 2014

Charlie, Marion Davies, and others at the Hearst Ranch, San Simeon, CA, 1933

Photo by Martin Munkasci.


  1. Charlie always looks so happy when he is photographed with Marion Davies. Sorta like the cat that ate the canary or something. There is another photo of the two of them sitting in the front row in the San Simeon home theatre in the dark. I chuckle when I see this one in my albums. She has her ankles locked her knees tightly crossed, a princess phone on her thighs and a small dog covering her crotch; and STILL CC has that 'I GOT that gold' look. Hehehee.

  2. I'm looking forward to visiting Hearst Castle this summer! I'm doing a road trip to California and one of the girls I work with has been and said it's amazing, so I'm making time to fit it in. Anyone been there?

  3. I've been there many times - it's a lot of fun. How many tours are you fitting in? I've done all except the garden tours - the one that includes the theater is the best one, because you can sit in there and watch newsreels of the 20's and 30's era - I think that was a night tour, though. I just went back late last summer to see the kitchen and cottages tour again, and was amazed to find that they now let tourists hang out by the pool area and lounge - something that was a huge no no only 5 or so years before that. The views from the top are gorgeous, and you really get a sense of how much Hearst owned!

    1. I think I'm going to stay a couple of days, so I'm going to jam in as many tours as I can. I figure if I'm making the trip I might as well get as much out of it as I can, who knows if I'll get to go back? I know I'll have to do a bit of triage and decide which tours I can't miss,so thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to check out the theatre!

  4. I was there last summer. We only had time for one tour, so we took the daytime Grand Rooms tour. It was very enjoyable, and to finish, we watched home movie clips in the theatre. Fun to see CC featured in a few! I highly recommend it. Be sure to take some time to see the elephant seals at the nearby beach if you have the opportunity.