Sunday, December 8, 2013

Charlie & Paulette at a Hollywood dinner dance in honor of British author, H.G. Wells, December 1935

Wells was the houseguest of Charlie and Paulette during his visit. When Charlie would be busy with work (he was finishing up Modern Times at this point), Paulette would escort Wells to the movie studios and nightclubs. Paulette later recalled an eccentric gift that Wells gave to her:
He stayed at my house and when he'd burned enough midnight oil talking, he said to Charlie, "I have nothing more to say." So, he went to Palm Springs and spent a few days there, and he came back and said, "I have something you're going to love. I have a sackful of stones for you. I found them outside in the desert while I was walking." And I said, "well, what am I going to do with it?" And he said, "You can use it as a doorstop, but if you love stones, here they are." Wasn't that sweet? 1 

1 Julie Gilbert, Opposite Attraction: The Lives Of Erich Maria Remarque & Paulette Goddard, 1995

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