Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chaplin with the Prince of Siam (left), Oct.1924

It might just be the shadows, but I think Chaplin has a (real) mustache here. I read somewhere that he would occasionally grow a mustache or a beard just for the heck of it.

Also, considering how gray Charlie's hair had become by this time, he must have dyed it for The Gold Rush, which was in production in late 1924. You only hear of him dying it for The Circus and later films, but his hair is much darker in TGR than it is here.


  1. He also seems quite grey in those Abbe portraits taken around the time of The Pilgrim, and in production stills from Woman of Paris. I think he probably darkened his hair for TP before GR.


  2. It seemed to have been the death of his first son before The Kid, when his hair started to go gray and the divorce and First National trying to attach the movie to the Mildred case against Chaplin. He was barely in his 30s.

  3. This photos of him and Lita show his hair isn't nearly as black as it once was. He has gray hair there as well. Jess, I think you once said you didn't believe his hair went gray overnight to due to the divorce from Grey. I'm staring to agree with you. I see the slow graying of his hair way before the divorce with Lita.