Friday, October 11, 2013

RIP Chester Conklin (January 11, 1886 - October 11, 1971)

Conklin was a regular in Chaplin's Keystone comedies (he even had a part in Making A Living, Chaplin's first-ever film). He reunited with Chaplin in Modern Times in 1936 and in the famous scene in The Great Dictator as the man Charlie shaves to Brahms' "Hungarian Dance #5."
Conklin appeared in over 300 films during his long career which began in 1913. His last onscreen appearance was in 1966's A Big Hand For The Little Lady.

Motion Picture, June 1917

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  1. That was Chester Conklin in that chair? How did I not even recognize him? Well, no mustache I guess, but I had no idea!