Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Charlie with his second wife, Lita, Marion Davies, and others, at the premiere of Mary Pickford's film, Little Annie Rooney, October 1925

L-R: Colleen Moore, Marion Davies, CC, Lita Grey Chaplin, Elinor Glyn.
Charlie doesn't seem to mind being sandwiched between his wife and mistress!


  1. I just read The Wife Of The Life Of The Party, frankly, I was expecting a bit more. I really wanted to find out more about Lita, post-Chaplin, but that part was skimmed over in just a few pages. I'm sure some of you guys have read it, what did you think?

    1. Lita died before she was able to finish the book, so that's why there isn't much about her later life. There is more about that in her first book, "My Life With Chaplin." Some fans don't like "Wife Of The Life..." because it leaves out the soft porn details of her first book. I'm sure most of those were written by her co-author anyway & some of them were pretty bad. At times, I felt like I was reading a trashy romance novel. Lita claimed the second book was supposed to be the more accurate version. To me, it's just a more simplified and condensed version of the story. Plus there are some events in the first book that aren't in the second book at all (i.e. the incident on the beach when he first tries to make love to her) which makes me wonder if they were even true. "Wife Of The Life..." also includes the divorce documents (all of them) which some people might find boring, but I thought they were interesting.