Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chaplin aboard the Olympic bound for England, September 3rd, 1921 (note the pinky ring)

This was Charlie's first trip back to his native country since he left for a second tour of North America with the Fred Karno Company in October 1912. Unlike his marathon, 18-month-long world tour in 1931, Charlie was only away from Hollywood for a month.

Hundreds of well-wishers, including Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, and members of the press greeted him on the deck of the ship. Given his shy nature, he was a bit uneasy at first.
When Chaplin stepped out on the A deck of the Olympic in front of a battery of moving picture machines he gave an affected start and said to an official of the company: "Gracious, what are these?" When told they were moving picture machines and they would not harm him, the film star appeared relieved and said, "Oh, thanks, so much; I am not afraid." 1
Due to his recent divorce from Mildred Harris, Charlie was naturally asked about his marital plans.*
"Do you intend to marry again," he was asked.
"No, never," he replied. "I am through with that business."

1 New York Times, September 4th, 1921
*Before Charlie's departure in Los Angeles, his brother, Sydney, famously told press agent, Carlyle Robinson: "For God's sake, don't let him get married!"

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