Saturday, August 3, 2013

With his valet & secretary Toraichi Kono at the Chaplin Studios, 1927


  1. I wish men would wear hats like this today.

    I'd like to know more about whatever happened to all his other servants after WW2 broke out - and the internment camps took them. Frank and George and Kay - all talked about in Chaplin Jr's book. It seems like they just disappeared.

  2. I agree, little is known about the other servants. I'd like to know what became of them as well. As far as Kono, for those who are curious, he remained in internment camps even after the war ended because the FBI thought he was a spy. When he was eventually released, he became an advocate for Japanese American internees. He returned to Japan sometime in the late 1950s. His children remained in America. Since they were born here they were considered U.S. citizens. I think his son was named Spencer.