Friday, August 16, 2013

Home movie footage of Charlie at the Hearst castle in San Simeon

From the documentary Chasing Churchill.


  1. I was JUST THERE this past weekend, did the kitchen and cottages tour. Was there about 10 years ago and did ALL the tours, including the night one with the movie theater and footage.

    Did not appreciate the changes made to the tours - tourists can now HANG OUT by the outside pool, thus negating any chance of getting a nice photo with the mountains in the background. I was remembering the shot you had once of Charlie and Paulette at the tennis courts when I stood in that spot!

    1. I would love to see the castle sometime. We're hoping our next trip out West will include California. That's too bad about all the changes. I'm surprised they allow people that close to the pool. I would think you could only look at it from a distance.

  2. That used to be the rule, and still is INSIDE the house - you have to stay on these carpeted tracks and no touching and all that. But the outside is now treated like a park or something, and I was bummed. Nobody sitting around the pool was exuding any sort of 1920's-1930's coolness, believe me!

    I also always find it odd that the gift shop sells Marion's book, but the tour guides don't mention her by name.

  3. I was there last month, and did the grand rooms tour. Our guide talked about Marion a lot, recognizing her position as the lady of the manor, so to speak. Very cool to see several home movie clips featuring Charlie.

  4. Toured many years ago and the guide was absolutely obnoxious with her repetition. Over and over and over... sheesh! We get it, we get it, looky but no touchy! She boasted that once a year all the tour guides got to swim in the pool. Wonderful. "The world's largest private this, the world's most expensive that." But you know what? The outrageous story that Patrica Van Cleve was the niece of Marion Davies was believed by very few when all the principals were alive, and by nobody now. What on earth is the point of having castles when one has to conceal the birth of one's own child and lie about it for decades? It's too weird and creepy for words, not worth any amount of money.