Saturday, August 10, 2013

Did Charlie work as an extra in the 1928 film The Woman Disputed?

Washington Post, Nov. 24th, 1928
The IMDB website had another version of the story:
Charles Chaplin visited the set one day and was asked by assistant director Robert Florey to play a practical joke on Talmadge. The scene in question called for the actress to come down a dark street and ask a stranger for a match. When the actress saw it was Chaplin, she could scarcely keep from laughing before director Henry King could call 'cut.' After lighting the cigarette, he tossed the match over his shoulder and kicked it in his characteristic fashion. The cameo was not publicized and because the kick part was cut, the bit went largely unnoticed. Chaplin was paid $7.50 by Florey for the scene in an elaborate ceremony.
I have never seen this film and couldn't find it online to watch. Have any of you seen it? Is Charlie's cameo in the film?

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