Wednesday, June 26, 2013

World Tour Revisited: Catching up with Charlie & May in the Riviera

Charlie and May spent most of the summer of 1931 in Juan-les-Pins. In early July, a Paris newspaper reported that Charlie was negotiating to buy a piece of property in Juan to convert into a movie studio. He also considered building May a home there as well, but all of these plans eventually fell through for one reason or another. Probably because Charlie lost interest. Here are some pics from his summer on the Riviera.

May is on the right.

Playing tennis:

 Out on the town:

May is at far right.

Hanging out with their Siamese cat:

The cat belonged to May and was called "Kitty II," she also had a Siamese cat named "Kitty I"
but it was killed after jumping out of a seventh floor window.
Charlie loved cats, especially Siamese cats, and owned several of them over the years.

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  1. That last photo - those are some brave striped pants -I am almost glad the photo is in black and white!