Friday, June 21, 2013

With British artist the Marchioness of Queensbury, New York, Feb. 1927. Her portrait of him is in the background.

close up of the top photo


  1. I wouldn't say that Charlie is classically handsome, you know like Carey Grant handsome. However there is just something so beautiful about his face, his being. So intriguing. Maybe it's those deep soulful eyes bearing his humble soul. Maybe that mischievous grin. I can't figure it out. But even more than that... It's his compassion and modesty that is attractive to me. I love photos like this.. I can't get enough of seeing that face sans tramp makeup. I've said it before... I have to say it again. I'm in love!

    1. When I look at these photos, I can't help but think of what was happening in Charlie's life at the time: his divorce from Lita Grey & his recent recovery from a nervous breakdown, etc. I think you can see it all in his eyes, which are so revealing. Someone once said that Charlie had "sad eyes," which I think is true. That's one of the reasons I posted the close-up shot because it shows his eyes more clearly. Plus I think it's a nice shot of him. I've always felt that Charlie was at his most handsome in the mid-to-late 1920s.

  2. I think I agree.. His mid to late 30s to early 40s were his best. I think all the stress and conflict caused him not to age very well.