Sunday, June 23, 2013

Charlie & Paulette with Mary Pickford at her wedding to Buddy Rogers, June 24th, 1937


  1. I've seen that top photo before and always wondered where they were for that - thanks for enlightening me!

  2. Also - forgot to note- I found in a bookstore once the book "Why Not Try God?" by Mary Pickford and read it (this was years ago) and it was all about her deep devotion to her religion and how the world and personal issues could all be solved by turning to God. Sadly, I donated the book years ago when cleaning out the collection - how I wish I had kept it for reference now!

    1. There's a funny story in one of the books about Charlie jumping into the deep end of the pool at Pickfair and shouting, "I'm an atheist, if there's a God, let him save me! (or something to that effect). Doug jumped into the pool to rescue him while Mary ran around yelling, "Let the heathen drown!"
      The only problem with this story is that Charlie was a good swimmer, so the whole thing was probably one of Charlie & Doug's pranks.